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Guild Wars 2 diverse skill set with weapons and practical

2. Aug 2012 09:55, bestgw2

I guess all the Guild Wars 2 fans are keep preparing for the official release in the next month. Actually I also want to experience the amazing feel in this wonderful game. But in this period, I think thepreparation is the most important thing for us. Only with the full of gold, we can make a better begining in the game. 

I had not seen anything on this discussion, but choose which two weapons, how to convert at the right time two arms will be your practical skills in the choice of when to create a very important part. Using two weapons instead of stubborn set of players using a distinction between professional players will be the main difference between ordinary players. 
For example, we take a look at Ranger. Their attack on the remote several options: longbow, short bow and the main hand ax. If they choose to put an ax in the main hand weapon set, then they can choose another deputy ax, dagger, torch or Warhorn. Then set the torch flame can issue fire skills. Then, the shooter can be replaced with the flames shooting bow, bow and arrow can then create additional fire damage. 
Another example is sufficient to set the weapon on the set, which is also very important, how it linked with your personal play it. We use the soldiers to explain. If you really like close combat, it may use a main hand sword for the savage hacking, so you can quickly get rid of the enemy. You may choose a hammer as a second weapon, so you can do away with the back hit the enemy. 
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